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My Amazon Policy – Beyond Copyright – A New Way to Monetization

Non-Copyright Notice

I have elected to offer all of my writings via Amazon Kindle. This is not unusual. Many writers do the same. What may be unusual is that most of my offered books lack any notice of copyright. Those that do were originally published elsewhere.

I have several reasons for rejecting the copyright route.

I have no interest in litigation about anything. Jesus advised not going to law and I think I know why. His simple, doable way of living was anathema to the lawyers of his time. Binary contests of any sort are a perpetuation of a condition that needs to change.

I would be flattered at any reproduction of my work with or without copyright. Should someone take my work and claim authorship the problem would be the taker’s and not mine. In general, attribution is the welcome quid pro quo. This notice permits unlimited use and also makes circulation via translation simple and potentially unlimited.

Finally, we are at a watershed moment in terms of how to make a living as a writer. I happen to believe that selling copies of my books is the simplest and most honest means of getting an income for my work. Amazon offers a generous royalty and other financial incentives to writers. I think that a copyright-free publisher makes clear that in rejecting conventional publishing, the way is open to an open and honest appeal to readers. If you want to support me, buy my books.

Finally, because I do not make use of various services to create or market my books, I exercise complete control over what I am offering. I believe all writing is hampered by being frozen in text. That means that while I have the power to do so, I exercise the right to alter, change, expand or contract any book offered.

I believe this policy liberates me to write as I wish and publish on my own terms. No middle man. No copyright.

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Why I Call The Democratic Campaign of 2014 Spam

I am a Democrat.

I am a contributor.

But the current plethora of mail from Democrats can only be called spam.

Not one mailing says WHY the Democrats should win.

Not one advances a program that they would enact if they won.

Most mailings have false headlines based on anticipations of victory over people like the Kochs and Karl Rove and the hapless Mitch McConnell.

This is apparently working.

I may yet contribute. But a party that does not respect the public enough to say what it will do will be little better than the party that has failed to seriously support the President for six years.

I am a progressive Democrat who favors everything Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren stand for.

The last person who made any sense to me as a Democratic operative was David Plouffe. I am sure in his private moments he like me has thrown his hands up.

This is a party that will not talk frankly to the public. And I suspect when we win in November the performance of the party will be little better than it has been in the last six years.

This party was silent when the President was betrayed on the night of his first inaugural. Now all it seems to be able to do is scream alarm and then thank those who shelled out to alleviate the fear.