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"Genius Unobserved" Unobserved

POSTSCRIPT 19 September 2006 — Ironically, THIS piece comes up when you Google Genius Observed. I have pretty much given up on Search Engine Optimization. But I would still maintain that a blog called GENIUS OBSERVED deserves placement for the exact term.


A tongue in cheek analysis of “The Wizard of Oz” in a blog called Genius Unobserved on Blogspot which is Google’s very own blog component is not yet observed by the globe’s premium search engine which also happens to be Google.

A search just now for the rerm “genius observed” revealed that Google does not have any terms of that name save in one inaccessable stylesheet connected with Stanford.

Now it may be a matter of time or something like that.

And one cannot really be certain what affects what on the Web. I once had a spurt of traffic based on a reference to one of my pages — invidious — on the Wall Street Journal site. The spam hate mail so generated was an apt reminder that the fall of humankind leaves no soul untouched.

Nevertheless I am having fun. The blog is actually written by Adam Panflick, the hero of my recently-released novel “Panflick: The Boston Car Wars”. In GO, Panflick argues that Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” is one of the more profound theological works to have risen from American soil.

He is, of course, entitled to his opinion if not (yet?) a smidgeon of attention from the world’s primary search engine.


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