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CLEAN CARNAGE — For The Record

The following was written September 27, 2001 in my apartment a few miles from Ground Zero.


If Hitler could have run 757s into Auschwitz and Buchenwald, there is little question that he would have done so. His compliant Incineration Brain Trust would have lauded such a “final solution” as a stellar example of clean and efficient carnage.

Instead of unsightly mass graves, inhaling the ashes of the decimated.

I wonder if the minds who are thinking about terrorism are willing to play freely enough to move out of convenient envelopes to perceive the most likely possibility of the future.

Some have compared, I believe correctly, the concentrated and instant destruction of September 11 to an atomic explosion. In seconds, lives and the material envelop in which lives existed simply vanished, incinerated in a cauldron of 2000 degree heat.

Here today. Gone today.

Why dwell upon such grimness? Because we must assume that the minds of those who perpetrated this “clean carnage” may not be thinking about their “next big thing” as a reversion to the terrorism of the past.

They may well intend to continue surprising the world with the ease with which such huge and tragic destruction can be accomplished.

We are in a war of wits. Which means we must face the sudden, inventive, easily-accomplished actions of September 11 and draw, from its elements, our best guesses as to what will be attempted next.

I cannot believe that the perpetrators will scale down their efforts.


One thought on “CLEAN CARNAGE — For The Record

  1. Stephen says:

    Since this was written I suppose the heart of the terrorist effort could conclude that it had indeed not scaled down the effort as Iraq could be viewed — from their POV — as a giant step in the plan to eventually control a country. Close attention to what enemies say might have issued in a better response to the threat. But to say that now is 20 20 hindsight.

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