Note on the Book of Job and the Gospel of John

The following intro to a study of the Gospel of John is from 2002, It answers a prompt I am getting to fish the hard drive and old floppys around for Noah references and also Job references. I regard Job as the greatest of the world’s literary works and the most worthy of study by those who purport to do theology. And I see the Gospel of John as I suggest below.


Dedicated to my friend and cyber-colleague Bob Brannon who died at his computer in April, 2002, after a lifetime of frontline, dedicated ministry.

More and more I come to think of John’s as the Operative Gospel.


Not as the Gospel written after the Remembrance or Synoptic Gospels to provide some intellectual overlay — to make the raw material of Mark, Matthew and Luke “theological”, but rather the authentic view of Jesus Himself, the vision that takes into account the Christ nature of Jesus.

If we accept Incarnation, we must accept the awesome implication of Word becoming flesh. The Word was with God. The Word is the origin of the Creation: prior to Fall, to Babel, to Noah, to Captivity, to corruption.

The word was God. To see the human Jesus as Word is to understand that God intended to introduce into the world the Original System on which life was/is based.

In effect, God meant to change the material of our own perception so that we could see and perceive, hear and understand, turn and be restored to original fellowship.

John lends itself to close study. Small clusters of verses. Sometimes just a single verse.

John also encourages meditative speculation, a freer and less programmatic approach than formal Bible study.


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