The Passionate Middle — A Pre-Barack Screed

The Passionate Middle was written some years back — yet another post that makes the emergence of Barack Obama reasonable.

Essentially the situation in the US Senate as we speak is sad because we have no one in either party who is exhibiting any real passion in calling both sides to significant negotiation.

The feelings animating both sides are too visceral and immature to admit any expectation that they will be spontaneously modified.

But if there were a passionate middle — in BOTH parties — we might understand that all the Blue Red idiocy is just that. Most people are discerning. Most people want an end to polarized politics.

A pro-life stance would work if it had universal application embracing issues like Benign Genocide and Capital Punishment.

Most people would be happy to have some descendents of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington talking sense to the folk who presume to sit in the place they built and sustains at such great pains.


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