Who Shall We Kill Today? An Ethnic Identity Quiz

The following images are of members of opposing groups who are consistently killing each other, displacing each other, maiming each other, terrorizing each other. These are just a small selection of pairs. Your task if you choose to accept it is to identify the ethnic (hated) identity from the photo and to ask the questions of yourself and others of what comes from such an exercise. The pairings are Russian-Chechen, Kurd-Turk, Palestinian-Israeli, Sunni-Shiite. The photos are in no particular order. You can check the identities by mousing over the photo for the url.

new rain


Listen to New Rain.

This is a recording I wrote and made in the 1970s. It is over 50 minutes but worth a hearing, I believe.

Just Click the play button. Adjust volume on your computer. Enjoy.


He Commands and They Obey — A Biblical Song

Here is the first video I ever did. I was in he midst of prepping for a colonoscopy. (Results OK). I was able to upload the file successfully to BYOAudio and they processed it there into flash video. Pretty cool. In any case here is a simple and straight forward song about how Jesus deals with demons.