A Few Nietzsche-Christianity Sparks

I have consoidated a few notes from a Nietzsche blog now folded into this.

The Nietzsche Channel: David Strauss, the Confessor and the Writer

Here is an available text which does much of the job of making Nietzsche’s criticism of David Strauss available online. I sense it is a missing link that relates in a possibly devastating way to the celebration of Strauss by the likes of Robert Funk. I will now search for linkages between Funk and Nitezsche.


The Life of Jesus Critically Examined by D. F. Strauss

Here we have Strauss in English online — a work in progress.

Strauss was apparently so vilified in his own time that when hired to teach in Zurich, he was pensioned before his term even began.

What interests me here is the animosity displayed in Nietzsche’s work on Strauss. And what I have generally assumed to be Nietzsche’s own latent or repressed need to arrive at a relationship with Jesus.

It is also interesting in this context to speculate on the extent of N’s reading of Dostoevsky.


The Politics of Paul (PDF)

We shall bring Paul into the mix because of the author’s references to Nietzsche and the merits of the essay.


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