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Religion & Violence — Are Theology’s Hands Tied?

Trinity Church in New York City recently hosted a Religion and Violence Conference and this page will provide some links to it and to a proposed Global Peace Statement developed online during the 1990s.

James Cone’s remarks on religion and violence were salient:

“God’s love is made known through divine righteous liberating the poor into a new future,” he stated.

Cone asked if it was possible to create a just and non-violent society where love and justice “flow freely between blacks and whites” and “among all the peoples and faiths of the world.”

“Let us hope that enough people will bear witness to justice and love so as to inspire others to believe that with God and the practice of freedom fighters, all things are possible,” he concluded.

See Cone’s presentation and a great deal else.

In The Shadow of The Lynching Tree

This video places in a stark form the options as they apply to continuing racism in America. An existential jolt. Not advised for small children.

Global Peace Statement

I believe this statement is the most carefully constructed and simplest way to move in confronting religion and violence. It specifically addresses the individual, realizing that this is a change of heart pledge that can only take place in individuals. Naturally this leads to a more peaceful community.

Bonhoeffer’s Ghost — Meditations and Reflections on Abba’s Way 1966-Present

If we are to move to a theology that addresses religion and violence we need to move past Bonhoeffer. Who is doing that? Where are the theologians? These meditations are part of an attempt to set the terms of debate on the issue of religion and violence for the third millennium.

The Way of Abba Complete

These brief poetic meditations are not nursery rhymes. They are serious attempts to set the foundation stones of a theology that will move beyond the last forty years of balkanized, culture war segmentation of the theological community.


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