Obama Responds to Clinton Attacks on NAFTA and Health Care

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It seems generally agreed that Hillary Clinton’s “Shame on you” attack on Barack Obama indicated the frayed state of her campaign. Certainly pundits who were telling us a few weeks ago that it was all dead even have changed their tune.

But the attack seemed to bode ill for any continuation of the amicable conclusion of last week’s Austin debate.

Obama’s response to the Clinton outburst is below. They would seem to preclude a Clinton victory in the war to claim the high ground.

Governor Strickland looks as though he would prefer to be somewhere else.


Dear Hillary —

I have watched this video several times and I’m afraid you have no real basis for your charges. The mailers have been out for a while now. If you were just shown them, it merely reflects a campaign which is not with it. If this was simply responding to another tack, as in a sailboat responding to the winds, it really does not present you well.

Everyone knows that your “imperial campaign” is four years too late. Everyone. with the possible exception of Dan Rather, knows you are bound to lose. And this outburst merely suggests that the time should be sooner than later.

You are making it very hard to concede this gracefully. So in response to your dipping into the Karl Rove basket, I will simply say you have my sympathy. Things will go better for you when you have finally decided that your ship began to sink in Iowa and has never, since then, regained momentum.

All the best,


And here are a few salient quotes from FactCheck.org’s page on the outburst.

We frankly find Clinton’s past position on NAFTA to be ambivalent. Bloomberg News reported last year that Clinton “promoted her husband’s trade agenda for years.” Bloomberg quoted her at the 1998 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as praising corporations for mounting “a very effective business effort in the U.S. on behalf of Nafta,” and adding, “It is certainly clear that we have not by any means finished the job that has begun.”


In closing, we’d just note that Clinton is no innocent on sending out misleading mailers. We reported on Feb. 6 that a mailing by her campaign contained a “big distortion” of Obama’s position on Social Security taxes and falsely implied that he had “no plan” to address mortgage foreclosures. It also attacked him for voting for a “Dick Cheney” energy bill that gave “huge tax breaks to oil companies,” when in fact the bill gave a net tax increase to oil companies.

These paragraphs favor Obama and there are some paragraphs more friendly to Clinton, but in essence FactChech leaves this a wash, and hardly anything to occasion a valid outburst of the vehemence dinplayed by Clinton. I doubt any of this has helped either candidate.



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