Ralph Nader Lies on Meet The Press

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Nader has said about ten things in just a few minutes that are flat out lies based upon the probable fact that he has not read the 194 things Obama would do as president. I am not worried.

Nader will get less than the .03 percent he got in 2004 after winning more than 2 percent in 2000.

Nader is telling us that he did not have any part in Gore’s defeat. Really? The election hung on Florida.

Now Nader is engaged in an odd and egotistical blowhard operation. He cannot push Obama to be more progressive than he already is. At best he can get an audience for views that are no more progressive in most respects than Obama’s are.

Barack has flagged Nader perfectly. Nader wants everyone to think he has all the answers. Like when he wrote Unsafe At Any Speed, a book which helped perpetuate the automobile industry and made him a hero. To me he was not a hero but an inadvertent apoligist.

Nader has not read what Barack has said. He has not inferred what Obama can do or what he means. It is really pathetic.

I say, let Nader run. Nader will, whatever anyone says.

Nader can only be running for ego as he himself conceded the probability of a Democratic landslide.

Tendentious. Bothersome. Ultimately irrelevant. His only slogan is, “(Irrelevant) power to me!” I hope he is gratified to have a free platform for being … tendentious and self-referential.

The odd possibility from all this is to up Bloomberg’s chances of rejoining the Democrats as one of the two options proposed in the poll above.



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