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The New York Times Editorializes Wrong … Again

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The first New York Times editorial gaffe was its ill-advised endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I believe it is almost a certainty that if they had been able to read the writing on the wall, they would have endorsed Barack Obama. It is neither here nor there, but it does tell.

Now The New York Times has published a throw-away lead editorial in which it actually takes seriously the political games being played in Ohio. It is not worth reiterating.

Let me jump to the simple fact that neither Democratic candidate has skimped when it comes to recognizing the need to compete in a very different way in the future than in the past … in our global world economy.

Of the two, Obama is the most hip to the reality.

The reality is that there is a gold mine in creating a world beyond the tyranny of oil. Whether one calls the outcome “green collar jobs” or my preferred “new human settlements”, the educational task confronting Obama is huge.

He is not going to win in Ohio by explaining how revolutionary the new economy must be. Change, yes. But be gentle.

There is a silver lining — again too advanced to be viable as a campaign talking point:

The move beyond oil will revive manufacturing in this country. It will do so because the move beyond oil involves a move into lego-living. Pardon me for being exuberant about this. Things are falling into place.

New human settlements will essentially be beyond the automobile. They will be built around the absence of the car in the area where people congregate. There will be communities, pilot at first, the product of contests involving architects and engineers, that integrate high tech and pattern language a la Christopher Alexander.

None of this is possible to spell out. It has not even been planned yet. But it is the ballpark where the future US economy will be developed.

As the rest of the world strangles itself in the fatal mimesis of automotive development, we will morph into a high tech resuscitation of Hillary Clinton’s village. Irony upon irony.

The New York Times has not even had an op-ed columnist capable of surmising what I can see in the back of Obama’s mind when he talks about the end of oil.

So it is not surprising that a mother-hen editorial like today’s misses the point.

The key to the future is what I’ve called Obama’s Moon, his aim translated into a ten year program that will help move us beyond the tyranny of the car and the dying oil economy.



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