Hillary Clinton Goes Repulsive — Politics as Mockery

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Hillary Clinton changes daily. From a quasi-valedictory near-concession to Barack Obama to a strident objection to a minor glitch in an Obama mailer to outright repulsive mockery. It would be horrible if one had to say that this is the way to win.

But it is the ultimate rebelling nature of her own rhetoric that sways me to believe that she has lost it and will indeed lose this contest. And with less and less reason for us to credit her with grace or even intelligence.

And as I write the new Gallup figures come in. Gallup has widened the Obama lead to some 12 points when last week it was but a point. Whatever Hillary Clinton is doing, it does not work. I could have run a better campaign for her from my apartment than has been run for her by a corps of consultants being paid millions to chide her into the disparate postures she has adopted.

Here is the video of her latest outrage. Albert Schweitzer had a soft spot in his heart for the sort of idealism that Hillary Clinton is distorting and demonizing. If you are inclined to think this is all in good fun, I beg to differ. She crossed a line. She became repulsive before our eyes.


HILLARY CLINTON HAS SUNK TO HER LOWEST POINT: She was a Goldwater supporter in her youth and now she has emulated President Lyndon Johnson, who I believe qualifies as a war criminal, by putting out a dumb scare ad. It is totally ineffective but it does indicate that she is steadily losing the right to our respect. Ironically, on the very same day she sinks so low, Senator Rockefeller, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, has cited Obama’s brilliance and exceedingly good judgment as his reason for throwing his full support as a superdelegate to Obama. Hillary should not merely quit. She should also consider getting out of politics entirely and going to her own version of the LBJ Ranch to vegetate in a place where she can no longer embarrass herself. Her surrogate Howard Wolfson correctly says that Obama is trying hard in Ohio and Texas and that if he does not win it will be better days for his boss. He is right. I devoutly hope that the voters in both states will add a few points to an Obama margin of victory, just to make her reflect some night in the future, at three in the morning, about what she allowed to happen and how demeaning it was.

Obama’s Response To Clinton’s Fearmongering

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