Obama Tuesday Victory in Sight — A Sweep or Three-to-One

BLOOMBERG POLL RESULTS: My Bloomberg poll is complete. It sees Bloomberg NOT as Obama’s VP. The bulk of respondents saw Bloomberg as Infrastructure Czar — a Cabinet Level position that would make him responsible for an integral renewal of our entire country, moving it into the future. One fourth of the respondents said None of the Above. In today’s NYTimes, Bloomberg takes himself out of the running as an independent but sagely indicates he will support an independent approach by one of the contenders. That would be Barack. The Veep door is not closed. Polls change.

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Obama Could Sweep on Super Tuesday

My predictions show Obama winning three out of four states. But he could sweep all four. We are waiting for definitive poll information over the weekend. The state we find most shaky is still Texas. This is in defiance of most polls. But if you click on the Polls link above and relevant links below, you will be reading the only poll that has hitherto been on the mark in anticipating the Obama surge. Public Policy Polling has indicated that Texas will hinge on how well Obama does in shoring up his position with Hispanic voters.

Bookmark this page and return over the weekend for advisories. We are at the critical moment now when victory is in sight, but also when the presumption of victory is ratcheting up attention by a factor of ten.

The media have decided they have gone too soft on Obama and this is no time to be complacent about the capacity to face down all media attacks. I use the word attack advisedly. We are moving into what Bob Dylan calls the arena in his remarkable song Angelina.


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