Mario Cuomo’s Candidates-as-Running-Mates Idea

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The only people who may like Mario Cuomo’s candidates-as-running-mates idea are supporters of Barack Obama’s opponent who are a) wanting to be nice or b) who see this as a dream ticket.

I see nothing wrong with being nice, even when provoked, but there is a very good reason for Obama to maintain an open veep slot for whatever purposes he deems wise.

The basic reason is that this is not a contest between two candidates. It is a contest for control of the Democratic Party. If my prescient capacities have been borne out by various landmarks in this campaign, allow me one other simple prediction.

When Barack wins, his organization will expand by five times. Insofar as the Democratic party continues it will he his party. Open it will be, but the control will not be divided and it is time for all the journeymen and women who emerged during the Carter years and hung on during the Clinton years to either hang it up or get with the program.

Let me guess about the shape of things to come.

I note that for all its flaws, the opponent’s campaign has prospered only to the extent she has emulated the Obama campaign. I think Barack has been her Deval Patrick, though she would never admit it and, given her Bosnia moments, perhaps would not even know it had happened. I am referring to her waking up to the age of small online donations and her embrace of the change message.

No matter how bloodied the race becomes, Barack will win it and when he does he will implement the next phase of his growth into a leader of epochal importance. It will involve creation of a 65 percent majority.

(This is the best argument for a gentle transition to 2025 for Obama over the coming months — a combination of superdelegate anarchy and further electoral victories.)

When victory comes — the shape of all Democratic campaigns will be deeply influenced by the precise methodologies workout this season. From bottom-up to cyber-powered.

Barack Obama will maintain and refine his contributor base — we after all, are his donors and he will answer to us just as George Bush answers to the fat cats. We will be the first cyber-political machine. And we will have international support. We will not be calling for invasions, more oil and devil take the hindmost. We will be implementing Barack’s agenda for change.

The Democratic Party will coalesce with the effective shape of the Obama campaign through the election and then into his first administration.

More than this I cannot see.

I wish Mario Cuomo well. Better luck on the next idea.

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