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Barack Obama Splits With Reverend Wright

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The video below records a definitive split between Barack Obama and Reverend Wright based on Obama’s outrage over remarks made by Wright yesterday in Washington, DC.

Specifically he denounced imputations that the US has knowingly transmitted AIDS and the equation of US wars to terrorism.

Beneath all this is an obvious outrage at the timing of this incursion by Wright and its preemption of the news cycle.

This comes with many forces ranged against a knockout blow in the Obama-Clinton campaign.

These include:

The handiwork of Rush Limbaugh in encouraging Indiana Republicans to vote for Clinton in the open Indiana primary next Tuesday.

A relentless effort by media to seek to make a contest which is mathematically impossible look like a horse race. The motives for this are numerous and the result is a sad diminution of the status of the MSM.

Added to this, the continued ignoring of glaring items which belong front and center. A single example is push polling in North Carolina by Geoff Garin’s company.

Barack Obama Splits With Reverend Wright

The Obama Campaign remains intrepid and I continue to feel we will win this contest with relative ease. Superdelegates continue to move in our direction. And the prospect of giving the nomination to a person who has literally embraced the tactics of a George Bush is unthinkable now or even in the event that she is able to close the gap some.

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One thought on “Barack Obama Splits With Reverend Wright

  1. merchvent says:

    Brer Rastus, an historical character that became a derragatory term like Uncle Tom. Name of a black Decon in the book Uncle Remus. Name later became famous as the Cream of Wheat Chef . The original Cream of Wheat Chef was a black cook in Chicago paid $5 to model for the product. Reverand Wright is the modern day Rastus for his agreement to be employed as the personal house servant of Massa Bill and Hillary Clinton cooking up bubble bubble toil and trouble for Obama.

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