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The best piece I’ve seen on the Limbaugh effect acknowledges that the talk show scourge of political sanity is finding some followers in his incessant efforts to Help Hillary Clinton. The connection has become ever more obvious since Bill Clinton appeared on the Limbaugh Show prior to the Texas Primary. The message I take home from this is that the Clinton campaign is indeed taking pages from the Republican playbook and that superdelegates who are deciding daily for Senator Obama are doing everyone a favor.

Democrats are in a position to make great gains in November, but if superdelegates believe that Hillary Clinton will have coattails expansive enough to get Democrats elected at all levels, they should consider the following points:

1. Obama is successfully fending off attacks now that will steadily lose their bite after the Clinton Kitchen Sink is happily a memory.

2. Obama has a 50 state strategy, something that is not even in the`Clinton playbook, and he has the campaign infrastructure and the money to keep revving it up through the November elections. He has already contributed to victories in two Congressional districts including that of the former Republican Majorirty Leader.

3. Obama is being supported by a steady flow of superdelegates, leading to the conclusion of today’s Wall Street Journal that he will soon edge past the Clinton total. It is instructive that Clinton’s advantage in superdelegates is in unelected officials.

4. This flow to Obama is a way of vindicating the superdelegate concept. Obama is not only supremely electable, he is also the candidate who can effect a Democratic landslide and move us to the 65 percent government that David Wilhelm mentioned when he endorsed Barack.

The irony is that the real Limbaugh Effect may well be to speed the decision of superdelegates to end this sideshow sooner than later.

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