Obama Trumps Republicans

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Barack Obama deserves praise today for his considered repudiation of his former pastor. Republicans say they will continue to fault his judgment. Fine. If they wish to do so, they can besmirch their already tarnished record of distraction politics. There is a lot to distract from this year.

Others will say Barack was acting out of pure politics. Anyone who even suspects that should read on.

This was indeed a political decision. It may lead him to political gains in the near term. He has taken a giant step in clearing up a perfectly legitimate question which will still be asked. Fine. Who is Barack Obama.

If I was Barack I would consider a half hour weekly show during the next weeks and have talks with ordinary folk about this.

If that would be overkill, how about understanding that Barack’s politics are precisely what put him at odds with Pastor Wright?

His politics are a politics of unity and tolerance and negotiation and respect for all comers. That does not mean he is a wimp or that he accepts being walked on or having his values trashed and misrepresented.

The break with Wright at this time is indeed a political decision. But it is also a profoundly spiritual one. Barack was not received by the Reverend Wright. So he shook the dust from his feet. This action was a profound assertion of the mission, the spiritual mission, that Barack is on.

He has helped to make this a good time to be alive. And trumped his opponents in the bargain.

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“Abba’s Way” states: Unprecedented would be Jesus stating today what he was, and is, about.
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