DNC Rules Meeting Updating All Day

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I’ll be keeping this page open for comments and observations on the DNC Rules Committee meeting now beginning in DC.

Howard Dean spoke well but has given the word extraordinary the best workout it’s had in years.

It all comes down to whether Hillary is serious about closing this out and what the party will do if she is not.

Your civil comments on the topic of this meeting are welcome.

I’ve created an event — a Meeting of Obama Supporters next Saturday in Manhattan. Details.

As of noon Eastern, no actions. A likely willingness to seat Florida with half votes and with a delegate edge of 19 to Clinton.

Michigan is up to make a presentation before the committee breaks for lunch. I will be surprised if Michigan’s conduct is held in the same positive light as Florida’s.

The Obama position is a bargaining point making more likely a compromise between HC’s proposal and Obama’s. I think the Michigan proposal is too porous but it is possible the Obama folk will accept it to compel the Clinton side to accept it as well, which it may not do. As I have always felt, Michigan could be more than a problem.

The Obama checkmate would be to accept the HC position if she accepts the results of today with no further contest. Back to the underlying suspense.

Hillary has played the nuclear option in response to sensible resolution by the Rules Committee. Her troops were barely civil as the end came. Harold Ickes was unconvincing in the role of an authority on rules, but well cast as a thug.

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