Obama Trinity Resignation Reported

UPDATE: The decision has been confirmed. This was being considered for some time. I do not regard church membership as essential to following the Way of Abba which Jesus announced. I see Barack as a pivotal figure theologically and feel that I anticipated the coming of the time we are now in in my book Abba’s Way, written three years ago. In a press conference explaining the decision, Barack made it clear he practices his Christian understanding daily and said it might be January before the Obamas found a new church.

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I say bravo. Not because Barack Obama has formally cut ties with his congregation. But because of what I take this to mean theologically. I see Barack as a Christian who believes first and foremost that being decent out in the world is the main job of a Christian.

People are ASSUMING this is the truth, as it has only been reported on a blog. Replying to my request, the blogger identified himself as a veteran journalist and his source as reliable. I assume the campaign will confirm this.

If he has resigned, fine.

If not, there would be no reason why he should not.

You will find why I think this in my book Beyond Creed: From Religion to Spirituality.

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“Abba’s Way” states: Unprecedented would be Jesus stating today what he was, and is, about.
Description of “Abba’s Way” (2006) | Purchase “Abba’s Way”


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