It Will Be Sebelius or Schweitzer, Not Biden, Bayh or Kaine

The MSM 3 are Biden (Keith’s choice), Bayh and Kaine, in that order sort of. All are wrong choices.

The two most likely choices are Kathleen Sebelius and Brian Schweitzer, the Governors of Kansas and Montana respectively. Both have seismic potential.

The scenario under which Sebelius might get the nod is that it would be part of the rapprochement Clinton might go with. Hillary and Kathleen suddenly become the SAME THING and Hilary’s supporters back off.

Schweitzer would be Obama’s laugh at everyone, a manifestation of great confidence and the choice of someone who really does rank as a political original and potential leader beyond the others in the Barack VEEP stable.

These two candidates speak chance and excitement and none of the MSM three promise more but endless picking over of the boring question WHY.

I think the choice of one of these would force McCain to choose Lieberman and run on a Strangelove platform. All the neocon apocalypse you can imbibe. Talk about cool aid.

Schweitzer would also nail down what is already an obvious Western Strategy. All you need to do is count the Western states that Obama regards as among the battlegrounds where he is placing his most recent ad.

The states are AK, CO, FL, IA, MI, MO, MT, NM, NV, NH, NC, ND, OH, PA, VA, and WI.

Now if it came down to Schweitzer or Sebelius, what would the info just above tell you. NO KANSAS. Kansas is McCain’s as of now.

Schweitzer is a THINKER who has put together the restoration economy for this whole country.


One thought on “It Will Be Sebelius or Schweitzer, Not Biden, Bayh or Kaine

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