Who Attacked Mumbai? Does It Really Matter?

Since 2003 more than 700 have been killed in India by terrorist attacks. The most recent carnage in Mumbai was the worst.

But we seem to have learned little or nothing, because we’re still stuck on the question, Who did it? The assumption: If we can figure out WHO attacked us, we are one step closer to defeating terrorism.

Dream on.

We already know. Try Muslim discontent. Thwarted opportunity. The experience of prejudice. Profiling. But even these onerous realities are not the answer to who did it.

Infusing the methodical coolness of those who perpetrated the Mumbai horror is the sad evidence of what Gregory Bateson called the double bind. More

A double bind pits an actuality against an interpretation that is false. That is antithetical to what is actually happening.

The actual, stated goal of Islamic terror tactics is to create theocracies. Those who are trained are told that if they sacrifice for this goal they will be rewarded in paradise.

Whether this is believed or not, it is set forth as the premise.

The reality is that one attacks and is killed and there is no guarantee of any result other than the carnage that takes place and the dismal aftermath. Life and life only.

The creation of priestly theocracies is a goal not limited to Islamic terrorists. I have sat in a Pentecostal gathering in the US where the explicit goal was to control the town in which the meeting was taking place. The theocratic impulse lies behind efforts to tinker with the legal system of our states, as was recently done in California with Proposition 8.

Jonestown in 1978 accounted in one night for more deaths by “revolutionary suicide” than took place in India since 2003 due to terrorist attacks.

In some situations, the pie in the sky when you die statement is still heretical. But it is true and it is the very linchpin of the double bind that makes the current activities of terrorists literally crazy.

The answer to who did it is simple. The mills that grind out potential terrorists train thousands. Among the thousands are a handful who are smart enough, disciplined enough and psychologically inclined enough to act on whatever inner basis they possess, but within the context of the falsehood which they have at some level accepted.

The reality is very different.

The world of honor killings is ending. The women of the Islamic world are waking up. Most of the Imams of the Islamic world have long since woken up.

The emerging global polity is not theocracy but a mixed system that is essentially secular, where religion is, at best, a proximate, faith-based enterprise that provides security, society and even community.

It is at best a means of understanding life, purpose, identity.

Stripped of weird certitudes, religion gives way to spirituality. The emphasis moves to the inherent capacities of all persons to grow and flourish.

In a world moving from religion to spirituality, polities can become more open and less oppressive.

Terrorism may be patient but so too is reality. And reality wins over time.

At bottom, the War on Terror needs to be less a who-done-it and more a concerted effort to rid the world of deleterious and crazed religious notions. Not just among the practitioners of overt terrorism, but among all who propagate such notions.

As long as we have the alleged numbers (thousands) being funneled into training by those who preach the religion of resentment and hate, we will know that the ones who did it were the cream of the crop from a willing pool that can only be talked down, as Rachel might say, if we … talk them down.

This Report Says “Brit Muslims have become a mainstay of the global ‘jihad'” SOURCE

London, Nov 29 : Amid claims made by India that four of the many terrorists who struck in Mumbai on Wednesday night, had links with Britain, either lived or trained in UK, news reports have emerged that more than 4000 British Muslims had passed through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

British Muslim recruits have also been involved in other conflicts. Asif Hanif (21), from London, killed three people and injured 55 by blowing himself up in Tel Aviv. A companion, Omar Sharif, 27, from Derby fled the scene after explosives strapped to his body failed to detonate and was later found dead, his body washed up on an Israeli beach.

… Britain has also been accused of being the centre where a number of terrorist plots abroad were planned. Moutaz Almallah Dabas, a Syrian-born Spanish citizen accused of helping those who took part in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, was extradited from London to Spain after the discovery of links between the attack and an alleged cell in England.

This Report Says, “10 Young Men Armed with Rifles and Grenades”. SOURCE

On Saturday, officials said they believed that just 10 gunmen had taken part in the attacks. The sole survivor, identified a Pakistani national, Mohammad Ajmal Qasam, was being interrogated, officials said.

The gunmen were as brazen as they were well trained, using sophisticated weapons, GPS technology and mobile and satellite phones to communicate, authorities said.

“They were constantly in touch with a foreign country,” said R.R. Patil, deputy to the chief of Maharashtra state’s chief, without giving further details.

“Whenever they were under a little bit of pressure they would hurl a grenade. They freely used grenades,” said Dutt.

Suspicions in Indian media quickly settled on the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, long seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help wage its clandestine war against India in disputed Kashmir.

A U.S. counterterrorism official said some “signatures of the attack” were consistent with Lashkar and Jaish-e-Mohammed, another group that has operated in Kashmir. Both are reported to be linked to al-Qaida.

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War on terror


Where Will Barack’s E-Mail List End Up?

For weeks there has been traffic around the issue of how Barack Obama will maintain vital contact with the millions who participated at every level in helping his campaign.

Will there be an independent Obama movement using the various organizational techniques available to political groups? Or a transformation of the Democratic National Committee into a replica of the current Obama movement now located at myBarackObama.com?

myBarackObama.com gives everyone a blog, a fundraising page, the capacity to organize by importing personal emails and sending out mail, to fight smears, to know the issues — and so forth.

With Barack’s victory, change.gov emerged as his official transition site and activity at myBarackObama.com slacked off to some extent. Change.gov is similarly interactive, enabling eaction to issues like health care, the sharing of stories and application for some 7,000 political jobs that will be filled over the coming months.

It now seems possible that Barack’s formidable organization might end up with a direct line into the White House.

The answer lies in the commonly used practice of opting in.

… unknown is how Barack Obama will continue to converse with the 13 million people who signed up to receive his campaign e-mail alerts, and reach out to those who weren’t his Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Under privacy laws, the president-elect won’t be able to take the e-mail list with him into the White House, though he can e-mail everyone on it to ask if they want to join a new whitehouse.gov e-mail list.

Thomas Gensemer, a managing partner at Blue State Digital, the media company behind Obama’s web operation, believes that Obama campaign supporters will choose to follow the president-elect, virtually, into the White House.

“People want to rally to his cause whether it’s political or policy. People are going to come. It’s a matter of making it open and accessible enough that you do respect all the opt-in privacy policies as well as the campaign laws,” he said.

Once a new list is created, Gensemer says it could be used, in the same way as it was during the campaign, to send information directly to people, bypassing the mainstream media. It could be the start of the most interactive presidency we’ve seen. SOURCE

If 13 million decide to opt in, where might it stop?

Presumably one could not raise funds from the White House. So the original list will doubtless be used though if it moved to the DNC from myBarackObama.com there would need to be a similar opt-in presumably.

My guess is that the list will remain exactly where it is. Unless there is a move to merge the Obama Movement with the DNC.

But the real energy of the movement might move to the direct line between WhiteHouse.gov and the old and new Barack supporters who opt in or sign up there.

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In Barack’s Sights: Poverty, Mumbai, US Torture Prosecution

The subjects touched on below are grim reminders that, as a planet filled with sinful folk, who tend to act more sinfully in concert, we face head on continuing destitution at our doorstep, the prospect of senseless violence anywhere at all and the Nathaniel Hawthorne prospect of having a T for Torture cut into our breast unless we do more than slap a few hands for the wrongs we have committed in in our deeply flawed War on Terror.

These issues transcend the noise in media of all stripes about which appointee signifies what possible outcome, right, left, centrist. No. That is all dross compared to the persistent poverty, the unspeakable pain and the terrible guilt involved in the following sequence.

Barack Obama and Family Look Poverty Straight In The Face SOURCE

“The number of people who are getting food this year is up 33 percent,” Obama said of the crowds who gathered at the Windy City’s St. Columbanus Church. “And I think it gives a sense — times are tough. And I think that on Thanksgiving, it’s important for us to remember people in need, but it’s important not just during Thanksgiving.”

“These folks were already often times having a tough time and it gets tougher now,” he added. “So we want to make sure that people that can give, that are able to contribute to the food depository, volunteer, participate. This is part of what Thanksgiving should be all about.”

Obama, who noted this was his third year at his hometown food bank, was asked why he had brought his two daughters with him.

“I want them to learn the importance of how fortunate they are and make sure they are giving back,” he responded.

The View from Pakistan: “I am a Mumbaikar: In Prayer and in Solidarity” SOURCE

From Alternet: “If Obama Doesn’t Prosecute Bush’s Torture Team, We’ll Pay a Big Price Down the Road” SOURCE

But if ever there was a stain on the fabric of American democracy that must be deserving of prosecution, it is the dark legacy of torture left by the Bush administration. From Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to the CIA’s “secret sites,” proof abounds that the U.S. government engaged in systematic torture that was approved by top government officials. Ironically, a central laboratory for this corrosion of the country’s moral and legal code was the very office charged with defending the rule of law: the Department of Justice.

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Barack Obama — Perception, Mood, Responsibility

Today I woke up with the sense that finally, after three days of calm press conferences and a general awakening to the Obama Era, mood and responsibility were the important elements in the Thanksgiving gift we were being given.

A bettering of the national mood. A greater willingness to assume responsibility, as we have assumed it in the past and will in the future.

Then, looking for a text to present, I dipped into the meditations (Abba’s Way) I wrote in 2005, which I now see as anticipating Barack, though I only had an inkling at the time. The one that jumped out at me is the one I am pasting below.

On Perception

Perception’s seeing through to to something else.
Perception’s intuition on the move.
Perception is a quality of sight.
Capacity to see and understand.

Look in a pair of eyes, see subtle moves.
Perception isn’t fixed ideas we have.
It is awareness, it could lead to joy.
Or it could lead to sorrow, or stone rage.

The future is perception’s only proof.
The most perceptive are the most mindful.
Self-reference and perception do not mix.
Perception is secure in its silence.

For one can see and see, and not perceive.
And hear and hear, but never understand.

Perception precedes creativity.
There are one thousand visions in a view.
Perception picks out one from all the rest.
There are a million tunes in just eight notes.
Perception hears a single ordering.
There are a trillion cells in pregnancy.
Perception sees the living in outline.

Perception’s one of Abba’s precious gifts.
You might call it divining mindfulness.
Or native instinct honed to danger’s drift.
Perception is not sentimental cant,
Not maxims, sayings or “philosophy”.
Perception is attuned to earth’s cadence.
It does not despise earthly evidence.
Perception is not selfish, it is free.
Perception knows and feels the earth’s beauty.

Be a creator, procreator, love!
Do not feign contemplation with closed eyes.
Courageously perceive the beautiful
In what stands tall and bends with Abba’s winds.

Believe in you, for Abba does the same.
Believe the truth within and look without.
Value perception beyond every sense,
For what is sense if sense cannot perceive?

Life is no game, it is creation’s stage.
The arts you have are servants of your sight.
Breathe in, perceive, embrace and love the earth.
Not as it is, but as perception sees.
See first, look hard, then create what is seen.

It might be simple as a pot that boils,
Or strands of hair let fall in morning light.
Or a small motion beyond entrapment
In hells made by our bullish blindfulness.

Design a home in which we might know life.
Design a way of life that does not kill.
In place of superstition, open eyes.
In place of fetid foulness, spaces fair.

Perception makes demands blindness ignores.
Perception propels spirit toward the real.
Perception transforms chaos with a glance.
Perception can transform the present day.

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Why George W. Bush Made Me Sick Yesterday

If I wanted to write a longer title, it would be Why Bush Made Me Sick Yesterday and Why I Hope I Never Have To Apply A Double Standard to Barack.

Bush was on the tube talking at some military installation. Behind him sat the cream of America, as the politicians say, callow faced, largely expressionless youth, few of whom seemed to me to change their look as Bush called a roll of evident militaristic applause lines.

He kept at it.

Whenever he said something particularly ugly and militaristic, there emerged from the crowd in front of him a high-volume animalistic response, as though our country was built on the veneration of blood lust and attack. (Wistful chuckle.)

It was nauseating.

Today’s New York Times calls the response of the soldiers at Fort Campbell thunderous applause.

I call it mindless, guttural, barbaric roaring and keening — the sort of thing we associate with visceral athletic events.

After 9/11, which happened a few miles from where I live, I wrote something called Amnesia. It was my refusal to believe Bush had done what he did following 9/11. In Amnesia, Bush acted as any reasonable person should have. He took a step back and figured out what a decent and honorable response would have been.

Like sending some Sherlock Holmes into the mountains to find out where the hell Osama was, instead of beginning the ramp-up to Iraq. And setting the stage for a huge denouement of the very worst angels of our complex spectrum nature.

If anything, Bush, on the way out, is trying to salvage a few points for his actual, mindless, knee jerk response to 9/11. He has dressed it up in the simple, powerful idea that democracy is a value worth spreading around the globe.


For George Bush, democracy is bulling through a Florida decision which makes his government only borderline legitimate from the gitgo. It is forcing “change” with soldiers rather than friendly persuasion. It is pandering.

It is the worst sort of ego-bolstering, appropriate to totalitarian logic.


For George Bush the issue was never democracy, though he managed to doublespeak it in a way that elicits guttural cheers, even with his 20 percent popularity rating. The issue has always been America the Powerful, wrapped up in the language of the value of democracy. A sheer and palpable hypocrisy he himself believes. This belief enables him to sleep at night. And to dream that one day people will see him as a great man.


Will I eventually be watching Barack making the same mistake?

He has said what he will do. To “keep us safe”, we must ensure that Afghanistan is not retaken by the terrorists.

Here are some things that might suggest Barack is not going down the road of George Bush. And that he will not sicken me with Bush-like patriot gore material.

1. He will have Hillary and others work to ensure that we are not more than one third of any force in Afghanistan going forward. We are currently almost half the total, so adding forces would amount to maintaining a “unilateral” interest.

The United States has about 32,000 troops in Afghanistan. Approximately 13,000 of them are in the NATO-led force of more than 50,000 troops. SOURCE

2. He will deal directly with the Taliban. This incidentally would be about his only way to get to Bin Laden. The Taliban are priest-motivated juvenile delinquents moving toward Hells Angel’s venerability. They implement nasty things that penalize women and girls just for being. They are not polular with the Afghans. Bin Laden for sopme form of amnesty, versus a take out effort by a resolute and unified force.

See the Agonist’s thoughtful analysis of talking to the Taliban. SOURCE

3. He will present this to us not as anything other than a very messy solution to a very messy problem, venerating our services but never once trespassing into the pandering, guttural zone of George W. Bush.

I am a Barackophile who will go to the mat with many of the radical intelligentsia who pick at him daily and believe they have the right to organize him.

Afghanistan is the stickiest thing Barack faces, worse even than the economy. The nation happens to care about ten times more about the economy. Which means that this is the best time of all to think moderation and tamp down patriotic nonsense.

I hope I never have to witness the stony, somnambulant faces behind Barack as he tries to ramp up applause among military recruits who are part of the ignorant armies of Matthew Arnold’s prophetic damningly prophetic Dover Beach:

… the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

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pattern language

Why Just Jolting The Economy Won’t Work

When Barack spoke yesterday about giving the economy the jolt it needs, I thought, this will not work. And then I thought of the army of intelligent folk who are in essence transitioning all the government, block by blobk, as it were, and I suspended judgment.

Until this morning.

Here is why I think it is a danger to think that we can simply jolt the economy back into some semblance of operation.

We are faced with a problem massively bigger than just the economy, which has to do with money, credit, liquidity and exchange.

We have a problem which is social because our society is in many respects either dysfunctional or borderline dysfunctional.

We have a problem that is sociological and environmental and economic because the allegiance to the notion of an automobile-based nation of detached dwellings is inimical to reasonable solutions for the future.

So if we say we will repair roads and bridges, will we be doing this to enhance the further expansion of individual automobile ownership? Will we be doing our as yet paltry mortgage relief to continue our allegiance to the sprawl of Malvina Reynolds’ little boxes that all look just the same?

We have a society that is increasingly old and recumbent, locked on monitors and TV screens and imbibing Lipitor and other pharmaceutical confections, and the future is more and more age-weighted.

This just touches areas that people, like Barack’s economic team, are not being paid to think about.

It moves to the fact that our crisis is more than economic. It is integral. It will not be solved until decisions are made that give rise to a vision of what the United States of America should look and feel like in the future.

To date we have the rock star model of thousands gathering to express hope. This is a dangerously fickle model and Barack knows it.

We will get a massive dose of this in the Inaugural activities.

Meanwhile, will the Economic Team be open to the following propositions?

1. The roads belong to the people and should be used more for group transit than individual transit.

2. A community should be accessible by foot (or by something other than private automobiles) and should contain the elements needed to enable life to proceed in most respects by accessing what is within walking distance, education, health care, retail outlets and so forth.

3. Dwellings should be organized so that they can be sustainable. The notion of retrofitting what we have and then building more of the same is not sustainable. In fact the whole notion that an economy needs to be able to GROW at all costs is a false and deleterious assumption. An economy is what enhances life, community, well-being. What enhances these things is a satisfaction with the underlying values of the polis. This is the nub of the whole thing. This is why the grammar of getting lending going so people can buy more is deficient. Buy what? For what?

Not until we create a sustainable matrix which can economically create affordable power and recycling and design communities around this idea will we have the model we need to lead the globe once again as an innovator beyond the crazed lust of the world to replicate our failed automotive culture.

4. Barack is all about countering the fragmentation and stratification of our society. But the economic program sounds very much like an effort to move backward into a time when everything worked.

It is NOT going to happen. If the recovery is still building with the idea of economic growth period, if the infrastructure is to maintain our atomized automobile based, traffic jam culture when more and more people should not be driving, if schools and medical facilities and stores continue to be translated into automobile-accessed warehouses that make Kafkaesque merely a quaint synonym for idiotic, then we are not in the business of enhancing life. We are in the business of increased reification, meaning the transformation of persons into things.

Oddly enough, it was Hillary who wrote the book “It Takes A Village”. She was right.

Commit Detroit to creating PUBLIC forms of transportation on our roads.

Include in the discussion the combat of sprawl and depersonalixation.

Include in the repair of bridges and highways the creation of smart roads with public transit opportunities.

Bring integral into the discussion.

If Barack is desperate to maintain a life routine in the White House, let him reflect that this desperation lies close to the root of the values questions that themselves transcend the economic crisis and explain why its solution is so elusive.

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Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Barack’s Green Giant?

Huffington Post Page | My Books | Bonhoeffer’s Ghost | The Way of Abba

Citigroup Scores. Robert Reich offers the most salient comments on doings in the Obama inner circle. SOURCE

Obama testing ways to use Internet to govern SOURCE

Much to his chagrin, “Plain old Barack” is gone. SOURCE

Stimulus Update SOURCE

Waxman To Chair Energy & Commerce Committees SOURCE

So What If Obama Hasn’t Been To Church SOURCE

Can Barack Stop The Panic? SOURCE

Our Job vis-a-vis The Obama Administration SOURCE

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Barack’s Green Giant?

Barack is enough “left” for a centrist cabinet. Let’s get that out of the way. Half the stuff from the progressive front is about there not being enough of a leftward tilt in Barack’s cabinet selections. To which I say, Keep your eye on the main man.

This headline is frankly a shot in the dark. I have no news on this. It just occurred to me that a bipartisan stake in the heart of the Atwater wing of the GOP would be Arnold Schwarzenegger installed as energy czar, or environmental mogul or whatever we are going to call the cheerleader for Green in the new economy.

I will flesh out this speculation today with any relevant links. And of course my ace in the hole for this position is the son of RFK — remember we do need a Kennedy element in the cabinet — Robert Kennedy, Jr., who knows where the bodies are buried.


The Violence Meme

Once again, I am not going to begin by referencing this or that post, but suffice to say I did run into a dastardly mean post that everyone thought was right on. It was essentially one of those posts that calls us all idiots because we do not see that we are pawns in an imperial game, the only remedy for which is a countervailing power which can bring down the oppressors.

This is lingo that I imbibed in the 60s and 70s and it always sounds analytically smart and then fades into an allusion to violent response and then just sort of sits there, with a superior smirk toward all of us who ignorantly fail to cop to the analysis.

The solution to the problem of oligarchy and hidden elitist control and conspiratorial control lies not in fomenting a violent response — the folk who write this never suggest that in bald terms. It lies in exactly what Barack has laid out. Barack is the answer to the violence meme.

The countervailing power within a democracy must be ORGANIZED. One of the reasons the right wing bloggers go apoplectic when they read Saul Alinsky is that he pushed the envelope of action within a democratic context as far as it could go, and thereby demonstrated the idiocy of the ideologies that depend on playing the violence card.

Alinsky’s bite was less lethal than his bark. But his concept was reasonable. Raise consciousness among the folk getting the short end of the stick. And so forth.

We have spent the last eight years watching the means by which fascist tendencies can take root in this country.

We countered it a bit in 2004. We are countering it some right now. But make no mistake. This is precisely all about how to get around the violence meme.

That would include WAR. Is Barack a pacifist? NO. And neither is the ideologue whose post I am referencing in my mind. What Barack is is a Christian who hopes always to be able to modify the evil tendencies of the world by democratic means, by the creation of countervailing people power.

The constructive people are not those who sit around talking as though this effort was a chimera, a fantasy, a bourgeois illusion. They are the ones who know darned well that there is a system that favors the right and their compliant servants and that the latter group includes most Democratic office holders.

Barack has come to bring a little conscience to the house. I feel a little better now. Only to the extent that we can see past the violence meme can we begin to look for another way out. A new way out, as the song says.

The Answer Lies in Thought and Attention To Others Besides Ourselves SOURCE

I have been corresponding some with Wade Hudson about the future of the campaign and find his recent comment on a Mission Statement for the Obama Movement salient.

Our Mission
by Wade Hudson

As is the case with all organizations, the Obama-inspired movement will need a brief mission statement that can be used repeatedly and consistently to inform others about, and help keep members aware of, our purpose. When we evaluate our efforts, we’ll need to ask if are making progress toward achieving our mission. When we consider a new project, we’ll need to ask if it will help us achieve our mission.

When I googled “mission statements purpose,” the top result was “Frequently Asked Question: What’s in a mission statement?” from the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. They recommend that the mission statement include a statement of purpose, a description of your activities, and an affirmation of your basic values.

With this in mind, I looked for some language from Barack that might suffice as a mission statement.

On change.gov, under “Agenda,” the transition team has a long list of various goals, without any mission statement. But the top of their homepage declares, “Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today.” This statement may be a mission statement, but it is hardly inspiring. At least they could delete “just a little bit.” There’s nothing wrong with being practical and realistic, but this formulation strikes me as far too modest.

So I looked at the Democratic Party platform, which Barack had a major role in shaping. There I found, “We pledge a return to core moral principles like stewardship, service to others, personal responsibility, shared sacrifice and a fair shot for all (emphasis added). ” Not bad.

Barack’s announcement speech resonates with me more strongly, however. That speech includes the following … :

This campaign has to be about reclaiming the meaning of citizenship, restoring our sense of common purpose, and realizing that few obstacles can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change.

That is why I’m in this race.

Not just to hold an office, but to gather with you to transform a nation.

I want to win that next battle — for justice and opportunity.

I want to win that next battle — for better schools, and better jobs, and better health care for all.

I want us to take up the unfinished business of perfecting our union, and building a better America.

Next I looked at his victory speech at the Convention, which includes:

And, above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation.

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one….

So, drawing from the platform and the announcement, I suggest the following for our mission statement:

To transform the United States of America by:

* Reclaiming the meaning of citizenship.
* Mobilizing millions of voices to call for meaningful change.
* And restoring our sense of common purpose, based on these core moral principles:
o Stewardship.
o Service to others.
o Personal responsibility.
o Shared sacrifice.
o And a fair shot for all.

Once a mission statement is adopted, the governing board should adopt subsidiary goals that would serve as means to achieving that mission. These goals should describe the nature of the organization that is envisioned and establish priorities.

Here is how I would put it (at least as a draft):

* Reclaiming our common responsibility as citizens.
* Mobilizing more and more grass roots voices to call for and help enact meaningful change.
* And instilling through example and education these core principles:
o Responsibility for the fate of our planet.
o An ethic of service to others.
o Bedrock personal responsibility.
o Sacrifice to achieve common goals.
o A level playing field based on transparent rules.

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