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Obama Should Link Health Care to Infrastructure

Andrew Sullivan opines in response to Ezra Klein:

It was one of my first epiphanies about most Americans: they believe in demanding and expecting the best from healthcare, not enduring and surviving the worst, because it is their collective obligation. Ah, I thought. This is how free people think and act. Which, for much of the left, is, of course, the problem. SOURCE

So what IS the best? I do not believe it is the system — socialized or not — as much as its “infrastructure” and premise. For example, the placement of preventative and diagnostic centers in neighborhoods. Ideas like a health peace corps.

When “health and human settlements” or “health and infrastructure” do not seem like weird-sounding phrases, I will cotton to discussions about health care that float above reality.

My hope is that as Obama considers infrastructure, he will think integrally, and build some models that suggest how a truly integral human settlement might work.


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