The Revolution of the Online Commentariat

RE: A HUFFINGTON POST PIECE (titled above) By Peter Daou: Well taken.

This may be a Toynbean challenge and response phenomenon. The rise of the online commentariat seems evenly balanced by the collapse of at least some of the bulwarks of the offline mediocracy. The NYT is perhaps the most obvious candidate for a massively game-changing meltdown. (One wonders if they will ask for a bailout.)

In any case, the next question is how people will get paid online. For the lucky few this works out as a straignt professional change, from paper to console. But most will not find a way to make the income they need online.

I think the ultimate solution lies in having a huge pool, tied perhaps ISPs, which, like ASCAP or BMI, would distribute royalties to qualified sites or individuals on the basis of a combination of relevance, quality and popularity.

Things will probably remain anarchic for a while as we watch the offline house of cards tumbling and scratch our heads,

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