How To Be A HuffPo Featured Blogger

There is a definite pecking order. I do not think it has much to do with the content or quality of the posts. The writer pool is enlarging as newsroom layoffs proceed apace.

HuffPo is rising as we speak. It is the place to get your ideas out there, maybe have them take effect.

That’s why it is frustrating to consistently see your posts descend as other posts ascend.

For example, I’ve posted

an original suggestion that advertising revenue be used to finance public transportation,

that our crisis is not economic,

that Blago should appoint the estimable Diane Nash to the Senate,

and that Barack should avoid an extended military engagement in Afghanistan.

The trick at Huffington Post is to have your article moved up on the pertinent pages. The ones that move up get hundreds and even thousands of comments.

I have never broken 100.

Here’s a list of my Huffington Post contributions with the comment numbers. SOURCE

The same problem of pecking order applies to being linked to HuffPo. Anyone who knows the meaning of the acronym SEO knows that links from prominent sites to your blog are gold. Sadly, there are thousands of folk like me who would cherish a Huff link who can’t get to first base.

So how do you become a featured blogger at HuffPo?

You work at it every day. You go with Gladwell’s ten year theorem. You combine brazen with patient. You realize that the Web is the future. And sometimes you raise the issue directly.


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