Atomic Insights Calls Chu Choice Great


Atomic Insights has “vetted” Dr. Stephen Chu and concluded he is a great choice for Energy Secretary in the Obama Cabinet. From what I can gather, he is not averse to using nuclear technology if the problem of waste can be radically reduced.

So far most if not all of Barack’s Cabinet choices have more than passed muster.

Via the source above, the following is from “A Sustainable Energy Future: The Essential Role of Nuclear Energy” August 2008/ Dr. Chu was one of the signers.

We believe that nuclear energy must play a significant role in our nation’s — and the world’s — electricity portfolio for the next 100+ years. Nuclear energy has great potential for contributing more to our broader energy needs, however. For example, nuclear energy could supplement or even supplant fossil fuels by providing the electricity for electric-powered vehicles, or it could be used to generate hydrogen for vehicles that utilize hydrogen fuel cells. Nuclear energy could also help to generate high-temperature process heat, provide a valuable input for feedstock to chemical production and aid in the production of freshwater from seawater and contaminated surface and groundwater sources.


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