Come On, Colin Powell for SOMETHING

OK, this old post says Colin wants new people to step up, he is not interested.

Fair enough. But Powell holds the KEY to success for the entire Obama governance effort, if the testimony of a trusted friend who worked under Powell at State can be accepted.

She says Powell was massively good because:

He was a respectful morale booster.

But that is not why I am writing this. Lot’s of people are good at morale.

The second thing tells: He broke things into doable chunks. He gave everyone assignments they could do and tied them all together.

This is the very stuff of a principle that all Cabinet officers and their underlings should follow.

I think if Barack does not bring him in for Education, he should make him the Administration Czar who checks on the performance of the big guns and keeps Barack informed on administrative positives and negatives.

It will be very sad if Colin Powell is not given a chance to redeem the sad decision that we all made by allowing Bush the wiggle room to sell us all down the river.

BONUS: Barack Talking Sense on The Radio


One thought on “Come On, Colin Powell for SOMETHING

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