Slouch Potato Curmudgeon Cold Water Pourer

Yes I own all these monikers. But the notion that one would wish to suffer all the privations of hell simply to get within an elbow-jab’s distance of history is clearly something requiring clinical analysis.

I will watch the Inauguration on TV right here, the good lord willing and the creek don’t rise. And I will pity those who risk being crushed or otherwise person-handled.

Clearly I am not a holiday person though I treasure the times when I have fallen victim to the spontaneous urges that result in the I WAS THERE buzz. Hmm. I was there when McCarthy was first censured, when Meredith came to Ole Miss, when Mayor Daley One gassed innocent North Side clerics, when the air was too fetid to breathe after 9/11 and I do watch the Macy’s Parade every year out the window behind me.

SOURCE for this screed, Pity the excluded volunteer.


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