My Chances of Getting an Obama Job

According to this report, I am competing with 330,000 others who have dutifully applied at change.gov.

These include connected sorts who actually can get a response to a personal email. And definite inside folk who already know people who will make the choices at lower levels.

My good wife tells me not to hold my breath. All I want, though, is a job working with Susan Rice, because I know a lot about the UN and am super good with the writing and research end of things. And I have some great references too.

But just think. If I got the job, you would be deprived of my diligent efforts on a daily basis to speak a bit of sanity about one thing and another. That will be my compensation for being an also ran. To continue doing this.

Plus, I will have an affinity with over 300K others who let the months pass with nary a nibble.


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