Barack Folk: Denounce Rush Now!

From my friend Casey Gane-McCalla at BlackPlanet:

With the recent scandal involving Chip Saltsman, a candidate to run the RNC, and his distribution of Rush Limbaugh’s CD, which contained Barack the Magic Negro, it is high time for the Republican Party and the USA as a whole to reject and denounce Rush Limbaugh.

Barack the Magic Negro is hardly the most offensive thing that Rush Limbaugh has said and is hardly the strongest tie that Limbaugh has had to the Republican party.

Limbaugh is a bigot, a sexist, a hypocrite and a xenophobe. He stirs up fear and hate in his listeners. He preys on the disenfranchised and uneducated and turns their resentment against blacks, feminists, immigrants, and liberals. If you are interested in Limbaugh’s most racist quotes against blacks click here. Limbaugh has also managed to offend Latinos, saying LA’s Mayor reminded him of a shoe shine boy and also saying in reference to Hugo Chavez “A Chavez is a Chavez. We’ve always had problems with them.” SOURCE

To proceed read the whole article and ACT.


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