Could Saltsman & Limbaugh Destroy GOP?

Let’s see. The Soviet Union faded fast, although it had all the symptoms of decay for many years until it fell of its own weight.

Now the GOP. Certainly Hannity helped them lose the election. And now Chip Saltsman and Rush Limbaugh are doing their best to carve out a mini-minority of nativist Americans. And the symptoms of self-destruction were there for decades.

Is another fast fade in view?



One thought on “Could Saltsman & Limbaugh Destroy GOP?

  1. AZgrammy says:

    As far as I can tell, the both of them are well on the way to destruction of their version of GOP.
    However, if the Repubs vote for Michael Steele as the Chairman of their party, they may yet have a chance to rebuild.
    But if they put Chip Saltsman in the Chair, they are sunk!
    RIP GOP!!!

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