Is Barack A Neocon?

Before you recoil in horror, consider this piece by Jacob Heilbrunn, already published, but set to appear in the Jan. 12 issue of The American Conservative.

… the notion that Obama will seek to roll back the American empire is a pipedream. It wasn’t McCain but Obama who declared on the campaign trail that America has to “lead the world in battling immediate evils and promoting the ultimate good.”


Despite my effort to raise the issue of nonviolence, it is clear that there will be none of that in an administration committed to enlarging the military. Still, the degree to which diplomacy will be soft rather than the same old Clinton-Bush seat-of-the-pants military engagement is germane. And ultimately the entire effect of the Obama administration will be judged on whether there was change or not. And the issue that will tell the tale is whether Barack turned out to be a neocon or turned away from that exceptionalist, prideful and ultimately self-destructive course.


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