An Entrepreneur, Not Kerry, for Commerce

I think Barack gave John Kerry the berth he wants when he picked Joe Biden and opened up the chairmanship of Foreign Affairs to the Massachusetts Senator. The best option for Barack is to place a serious new entrepreneur in the Commerce slot to replade Bill Richardson.



2 thoughts on “An Entrepreneur, Not Kerry, for Commerce

  1. stephencrose says:

    Thanks for your response. I had forgotten that Kerry was in business. We do agree on the importance of the FR spot. Cheers, S

  2. Actually Kerry was an entrepreneur before he went into politics.

    If your goal is to have an entrepreneur for the post, then Kerry wouldn’t be the best choice considering how long ago, and how relatively limited, this experience was, but your title does not give a reason to oppose Kerry.

    Regardless, I do agree Kerry would probably prefer to remain as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I’d also prefer to see him in that post as opposed to Commerce secretary.

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