Obama’s Executive Orders So Far

They are happening at a measured but accelerated pace.

Executive orders from the office of the new President are trickling in at a faster pace now. Here’s the rundown so far:

* GITMO closing. One year timeline.
* No torture. Watch out for CIA malcontents. The CIA took umbrage at JFK and I am not willing to say they did not act on it.
* Suspension ogf GITMO trials in progress.
* No raises for WH folk making more than $100K.
* No gifts from lobbyists permitted to Exec Branch workers.
* No political considerations in hiring.
* No business with anyone you’ve worked with in the last two years.
* No lobbying after leaving for 2 years or rest of Obama Administration, whichever is longer.
* Radical limits on use of executive privilege to keep executive documents sealed.
* New guidelines must be developed for government communication and the Freedom of Information Act to implement principles of openness, transparency, and participatory government.



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