Interesting Dostoevsky Comment

Here’s an interesting comment on a post about Dostoevsky at Theology Forum. READ MORE

I have been an avid but until now silent participant-but the crux of my own faith has most often been encountered in Dostoevsky in some sense throughout the years of it. I even went to Petersburg a couple of years ago mostly just to visit his old haunts and pay homage to Fyodor Mikhailovich.

All that to say, Williams’ book is fantastic, even in the flowing style he writes in, sliding along from one spot to another. Arthur Trace’s The Furnace Of Doubt was a great work on seeing faith strongest on the other side of socio-theological or philosohpical-skepticism kinds of doubt. Much comes from this discussion, as if Ivan K. were to find faith of a sort.

The Gospel In Dostoevsky (ed. The Bruderhof) is a good reader on “gospel moments” in D.’s work. Gibson’s The Religion Of Dostoevsky (referenced some by the Archbishop), and George Panichas’ Dostoevsky’s Spiritual Art are also good, and pretty concise meditations.

One thing you may already be on top of, but just to suggest, is to read Larissa Volokhonsky and Richard Pevear’s translations of the major works, they are the newest, and hold a lot of verbal energy that sometimes goes missing in Constance Garnett’s otherwise classic translations.

Thanks for all of your writing and sharing on this blog.

I went to Sils to more or less do the same thing regarding Nietzsche a while back. I see N as the fifth Karamazov brother.


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