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Obama Pattern Language Primer — 1

This post has been revised and moved to Beyond Now


2 thoughts on “Obama Pattern Language Primer — 1

  1. stephencrose says:

    I appreciate all of your thoughts! I suspect this effort will take another century to register — I see outlines of the pre-thought in some of Obama’s statements about sprawl and green, but I think the car and oil mentality and the sclerosis that affects planning and zoning, etc., will remain hard to effectively challenge.

  2. Stephen & reader – I’m here because I believed there was a stong connection between Jane Jacobs and Christopher Alexander in their commentary on how to do cities right. Doug Foy’s excellent article “Cities are the Answer” is relevant in that we need to relocalize energy, and plug the economic drain that fossil energy is to ALL local economies. Your statement about people not “giving a damn about others” is true only in the modern era of population overshoot, where we’ve lost cultural means for raising up real human beings – you’re just pointing out the obvious about “not yet human.” You and your blog exemplify the extraordinary at work reversing the trend.

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