What Is The Problem? What Do You Think?

Cars — we cannot have an automobile economy anymore. We need transit, not more cars.

Convert everything dealing with moving to transit.

Build car free communities.

Cyberfy all office work so that no one is more than a walk from an employment connection.

Houses — we cannot have a housing economy anymore.

We need communities that are car free with dwellings that are entirely beyond anyone’s current imagination.

Eventually the thing one aspires to own will be one’s own room.

And the economy will be built around the support of multiple new professions related to the sustaining of vital communities.

We are currently involved in propping up housing and automobiles because no one yet sees the future. This will be a holding action as the eyes of a growing green economy dig deeper beyond retrofitting and making separated homes more energy independent. They will see the sustainability argument and why it is what people will be willing to pay for.

Banks — banks are so tied in with houses and cars and the culture of careful capitalism that they are becoming more retro by the minute. They are mortuaries for money.

We probably could figure this all out with computers if there were no banks. Give everyone credit for what they have on deposit and get rid of banks completely. Then give credit for work. Pay everyone who does anything useful.

If we continue to think that the answer is we are moving too far right or left, we miss the point. The whole world is realizing that it is not cost effective to do the car, banks, houses, expanding economy thing anymore.

It is cost effective to devise an economy around sustainable communities and the creation of a safe and secure infrastructure that is built around the matrix needed to support communities of the future. It is cost effective to allow for modular construction of mass-produced lego-block construction elements. It is cost effective to have all energy producing and recycling on site. It is cost effective to build with all urban amenities within walking distance no matter where you are.


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