Hero Pilot Gets 40% Pay Cut, Loses Pension

OK, it is a little sensationalistic but this guy has a long name, he IS a hero and he has had a 40 percent pay cut because that is what is happening to pilots.

Let me make my point and wrap this up. My point is that we are at a juncture in our development as a world that we need to distinguish what is more valuable, someone who can ditch a plane in the Hudson without killing everyone or the creation of a few pieces of fabric to be sold for a few thousand dollars. Wait, you say, the fashion thing generates tons of money for models, designers, photographers and knock off artists.

Well, I will stick to my Veblenian guns. We are moving to a value system that places more emphasis on common sense comforts and smart survival and much less on the frilly stuff that essentially supports a hierarchical economy where the rich make 100 times or more what the poor get.

Look at this:

US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger says his pay has been cut 40 percent in recent years and his pension has been terminated. Sullenberger says cuts that followed airline bankruptcies after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks coupled with the current recession have placed pilots and their families in an untenable financial situation.


When you add in the ineptitude of our response to 9/11 I do think a revaluation of values is due, past due, urgent, happening right now. That is what this election was about.


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