I Would Sell Your Gaming Stocks

If I was an investment expert, I would say, Sell your gaming stocks. I do not happen to be such a person and still I would say, Sell your gaming stocks.

The reason is that gambling in the US is cyclical, just as politics is. Obama is a bit ahead of schedule to issue in an era of responsibility, but we had an urgent need after the incredible lassitude of the Bush 2 era. I had figured the pendulum to progressive would swing back around 2020. But we are entering this era as we speak.

The cycle of gambling is even longer than the political cycle. But we are now at the beginning of a long and gradual decline of interest in losing money for pleasure. It would be foolish to shrug and say this is just because wallets are tight now.

I think it is more likely that we are at the start of the very era of responsibility that our President attaches to his budget. We are beginning to recreate an American dream that is not an overpriced house and a glitzy American car/SUV. This is more a dream of self-reliance, of renewed respect for individual power and decisiveness.

Watch those gaming stocks folks and tell me that I was a fool, thinking as I do, not to sell them short.



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