Twitter Tips

UPDATED: May 9, 2012

Please visit my Twitter Profile at the link below.

Your Twitter profile bio should contain your most salient keywords. Mine includes Obama2012 because that is what I am mainly doing these days.

Note also that your Tweets will draw more than your immediate followers. If you tweet about particular subjects the words will be indexed by Twitter’s robust search apparatus and your tweets will show up accordingly. If you wish add a hashtag — eg: #apples or #oranges to your tweet provided the message is relevant and of some help to a reader. There is no need to repeat a word in your tweet with a hashtag.

Spotify is a great complement to Twitter. You can tweet what you are listening to with ease.

I get followers on the strength of my updates and (I assume) by the size of my list. I follow them back manually as they come. I also look at people’s lists and follow highly specific lists that relate to my tweets.

I try to mix tweets from my blog with retweets from my followers and retweets from significant news and other channels. Within reason, I  repost items that I feel are relevant, often by quoting salient bits of a post.

I now use Buffer to post many tweets and Hootsuite and Ping FM to widen my options for promotion and scheduling.

TweetEffect enables you to determine how many followers you gain or lose with a single Tweet.

Twitter is now almost a default global communications system because of the simplicity of its concept and the relative ease of its execution. Those who create a solid personal platform will now will be ahead of the curve.


16 thoughts on “Twitter Tips

  1. stephencrose says:

    Hi David. No idea. I would do it by hand. I am letting things ride.
    I am amazed incidentally at the volatility that TweetEffect
    reveals. One tweet can gain or lose 30 followers. No rhyme
    or reason that I can figure.

  2. Interesting post — I just joined Twitter two days ago and you found me almost immediately. Thanks for presenting such a clear map of your approach.

  3. stephencrose says:

    I have no idea. I think each person is probably judged by people’s perception of what the motive is. If it is self-promotion or direct sales I think this is seen as a misuse of Twitter. On the other hand many of us feel strongly about what we want to get out there. If others do not like what that is, they have the option of blocking or unfollowing. As to posting the same thing several times. I have done so with some posts, particularly if they have gotten a good response initially. When there is no response to a repost, I would see that as a good reason to stop.

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