Obama Continues to Move FORWARD


Wow. I keep forgetting that I am the one who has yelled and screamed that the President would be a man of his word. But this week’s address cuts to the heart of his intent — radical, sustainable, fiscally responsible government. Pay-as-you-go. The stuff I and others tried to throw back at McCain and his campaign lies.

Listen to this address, reflect that the President is still doing eight things at once, and be grateful that we have him as our advocate. Because the bottom line of all of this will be to further isolate the wingnuts and force whoever remains of the Republican party to become a loyal opposition who joins as needed when Barack Obama is essentially singing a Republican tune. All we need is about five Republicans in the Senate to get wise and moce to the Specter stance and we have governance that would do any nation proud. And maybe we can thank the extremists for shaming the Republicans into behaving.

Special wrath will be reserved for Blue Dog Democrats who fail to appreciate the Presidents commitment to fiscal responsibilty.

Fiscal responsibility is the only alternative to going totally stone broke. It starts for real this coming Monday.


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