How About Afpak Flu?

I will keep on using this miniscule platform to yell about the collapse of things in Pakistan and warn of incipient dangers in Afpak to make the following points:

We are risking turning Pakistan over to a rogue Taliban leadsrship that will have no hesitation in precipitating a nuclear incident of unpredictable and highly dangerous character.

We are proving by actual experience that it is fruitless to believe we can conduct anything like a ground war in Afghanistan.

We are proving by the slavish attention to swine flu by US media that we have no capacity in the US to conduct anything approaching a rational approach to events in the world.


To be fair, the New York Times did lead with an editorial today regarding last week’s near takeover 60 miles from Islamabad. SOURCE

We are counting down in Pakistan and no one is really listening.


One thought on “How About Afpak Flu?

  1. juiceempire says:

    Plenty of people are listening; namely the top echelons of the American power structure.

    If you are interested in reading about the Af-Pak situation, please visit my blog:


    “Wrecking Af-Pak (Phase One)” may be something you’d enjoy.

    Also the latest post, “Pakistan Taliban Offensive” may clear up some questions you may have.

    Please leave comments, let me know what you think.

    Any news outlet, online, has been covering the whole Taliban issue in Pakistan. And I know that many of the newspapers have been doing the same, although not necessarily daily, unless something big happens.

    And the U.S. has long-standing contingency plans regarding the sudden insertion of Special Operations Forces to secure Pakistan’s nuclear sites in case of government collapse.


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