Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

This is from Mitch Stewart who runs Organizing for America. I wish I had millions reading this and that a million blogs would share this. Help spread the word and give if you can. This is exactly what I have been talking about. The Obama counterpunch looking to July 4 and beyond.


Did you see Vice President Biden’s email last week, sharing personal health care stories from supporters across the country? Well, the stories have been read millions of times, and the reaction is an overwhelming, “Wow — we’ve got to get to work.”

It’s not surprising — these stories show the human face of the health care debate and inspire us all to act.

So here’s our latest idea: Putting our supporters in coast-to-coast television and online ads, telling their own stories, in their own voice. It could be a breakthrough moment in this debate, when millions of Americans realize how urgent reform really is.

But recording and nationally broadcasting these stories won’t be cheap. We can only go forward if you’re ready to chip in. So what do you say — should we do it?

Yes. I think this is a great idea, and I’m ready to contribute so it can happen.

No, I’m not ready to contribute to this plan.

How big could this be? Many experts believe health care reform was defeated in the early 90’s by the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads. They featured actors sitting around a fake kitchen table, pretending to be a family that was frightened by reform.

So just imagine if this time around, the debate is shaped by real people, looking us in the eye, telling their actual story, and asking for our help to fix this broken system.

Phony stories helped defeat health care reform in the past. But this time, real stories could be the reason we win.

If enough Organizing for America supporters say yes and then donate the resources we need to pull it off, we’ll start filming and distribution right away. So what do you say?

Yes, let’s get these real stories on the airwaves. I’m ready to contribute:


No, I don’t think this is a good idea or I can’t contribute at this time:


We’ll keep you posted with the results and what happens next.

Thanks, as always, for making it all possible.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


President Obama Said It Straight Out

I see lots of bile being spread around about President Obama’s efforts to get a green economy bill through. Congress has passed a green bill. It’s the Senate’s turn.

Today I want to flag a statement by the President that I saw on TV so I do not have the exact language.

In essence he said, A green economy will put us in the lead in the 21st century and failure will leave us a declining nation.

This was the argument of this site before I went whole hog for Obama in Iowa. It is absolutely true.

Our recession has everything to do with the need to shift gears to green. Not just laws. Lifestyle. Spending less for junk and more for quality.We are being forced to build a new and more sustainable world.

There are prophets of this movement and I do not mean the obvious environmentalists. I mean writers like Robert Pirsig who elevated the word quality into the lexicon of politics and thinkers like Thorstein Veblen who dissected the consumer society before it became an obnoxious stain on the surface of the globe.

Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysic of Quality (MOQ) Relates to Nietzsche’s Revaluation of Values Project

Thorstein Veblen on the Web

President Obama is faced now with a huge choice. But happily it has already been made. He cares enough about his commitment to green and its value to the country to go with Democrats alone if he would otherwise have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

David Brooks says the energy bill in the House version is a quilt of special interest concessions rather than a clean executive procedural bill.

I am sure the President wants the strongest of bills and if he has to muscle Republicans and Blue Dogs to get it, he will. And if, God forbid, these retrograde folk should succeed in watering down green, we will go at it incrementally with replacements at the polls for the Senators and Representatives who did not cotton to the Obama agenda.

The energy bill is important but similar things could be said about health care. Watch for a July 4 peaking of the Obama counterpunch on this issue. The President is just as adept at being President as he was at being a candidate. And the MO has not changed. Nor for that matter has media obtuseness in failing to recognize it.


Things I have thoughts on but refuse to blog about:

Bernie Madoff
Sarah Palin and Family
Governor Sanford
Michael Jackson

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Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

If you invite someone by following them, you are ALREADY following them, whether or not they reply with a “following you” email.

This means you do NOT need to fear deleting ALL your “following you” email. Acceptance emails complete the loop. The rest of your “following you” email is spam or prospecting for followers.

If you want to go completely radical on this and pare your list of followers down, then post something like the following as needed.

SPAM follows. I now delete all following email.If I miss you, send me a @ reply with FOLLOW. I will check these. Thanks. S

To rephrase this, I believe if someone you want to follow gets missed, he or she should be invited to send you a @ reply with FOLLOW as the message. This means I can check the profile again and follow the person.

Naturally if you get mail from someone you follow and recognize it, you can and should keep it. But if you are getting tens and even hundreds of spam and prospecting follows each day,an approach like this may help.

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John Kerry on Outrageous Attacks on Obama

John Kerry on Outrageous Attacks on Obama

From John kerry — heed:

*** Deadline Midnight tomorrow — Only $97,484 to go. CONTRIBUTE NOW. ***

Steve —

The attacks on President Obama started before he even took office, and they’ve only gotten worse. Republicans, their ideas discredited, their policies responsible for the incredible challenges we face, have stepped up their attacks, spreading misinformation about policy proposals, and even criticizing the President’s date with his wife.

We can’t afford to let up at all. It’s tough, hard fighting in Congress to make progress on getting new jobs, real reform of our health care system, and a new energy economy, and we need everyone to know that Democrats are not going to let up until we get the job done.

I’ve seen first hand how the far right reacts when they see their failed policies challenged. Rush Limbaugh calls for failure, and Republican House leaders back him up. When their attacks start flying, we need to hit them hard.

Stand with President Obama

June 30th marks a critical FEC deadline where both Republicans and Democrats must report how much money they have in the bank. The political pundits, media and the GOP will use these totals as a referendum on support for President Obama, and they’ve already started running ridiculous stories about a GOP “comeback.” We need your help to raise $1 million before June 30th to show the world how committed we are to standing with President Obama and against those who are rooting for him – and America – to fail.

Make your voice heard: Contribute $5, $10 or more by Midnight on June 30th. Congressional Democrats will match every dollar you give with two of their own.*

From our economic recovery, to health care reform, to meeting the climate crisis, to restoring our moral leadership in the world, there is far too much at stake. The amount we raise will be used to judge how committed we are to standing with President Obama and his agenda for change, or whether these Republican attacks are actually starting to work.

That’s why it’s so critical that we make a strong show of support for President Obama before June 30th.

Contribute $5, $10 or more by Midnight on June 30th. Congressional Democrats will match every dollar you give with two of their own to show the world how strongly we support President Obama.*

The power to stand strong against these attacks is in your hands.

Please help us before Midnight on June 30th.


Senator John Kerry

P.S. If there was ever a doubt that the far right intends to go after President Obama with the same dishonorable attacks they used on me, just listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich rooting for our President to fail. Contribute by Midnight on June 30th to help us fight back on behalf of President Obama. Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats will match every dollar you give with two of their own.*


Twitter Tip: Paring Down Your Following List


Twitter Tip: Paring Down Your Following List

Tweepi is presently the only utility I use to manage my Twitter activity.  You can pare down the number of folk you follow according to multiple criteria. Reducing the number of people you follow is a choice, not a necessity. Eliminating persons you follow who do not follow you back is likewise a choice.

I value followers who retweet or reply to my tweets. I list these as Folk you should follow. I use these lists to find salient tweets to pass on. You can find these lists at https://twitter.com/stephencrose

Updated March 9, 2013