Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

This is from Mitch Stewart who runs Organizing for America. I wish I had millions reading this and that a million blogs would share this. Help spread the word and give if you can. This is exactly what I have been talking about. The Obama counterpunch looking to July 4 and beyond.


Did you see Vice President Biden’s email last week, sharing personal health care stories from supporters across the country? Well, the stories have been read millions of times, and the reaction is an overwhelming, “Wow — we’ve got to get to work.”

It’s not surprising — these stories show the human face of the health care debate and inspire us all to act.

So here’s our latest idea: Putting our supporters in coast-to-coast television and online ads, telling their own stories, in their own voice. It could be a breakthrough moment in this debate, when millions of Americans realize how urgent reform really is.

But recording and nationally broadcasting these stories won’t be cheap. We can only go forward if you’re ready to chip in. So what do you say — should we do it?

Yes. I think this is a great idea, and I’m ready to contribute so it can happen.

No, I’m not ready to contribute to this plan.

How big could this be? Many experts believe health care reform was defeated in the early 90’s by the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads. They featured actors sitting around a fake kitchen table, pretending to be a family that was frightened by reform.

So just imagine if this time around, the debate is shaped by real people, looking us in the eye, telling their actual story, and asking for our help to fix this broken system.

Phony stories helped defeat health care reform in the past. But this time, real stories could be the reason we win.

If enough Organizing for America supporters say yes and then donate the resources we need to pull it off, we’ll start filming and distribution right away. So what do you say?

Yes, let’s get these real stories on the airwaves. I’m ready to contribute:


No, I don’t think this is a good idea or I can’t contribute at this time:


We’ll keep you posted with the results and what happens next.

Thanks, as always, for making it all possible.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


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