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Significant Recent Tweets July 9, ’09

Significant Recent Tweets from Yesterday  http://bit.ly/m2F3K

Google Chrome Thoughts http://bit.ly/QHChW

Support Sonia At The Grass Roots http://bit.ly/2cVH7X

The Future of Sex http://bit.ly/rvWwf

Wingnut DC Pastor “Nurtures” Ensign and Sanford — with an ideology that sees Hitler as a paradigm. (No URL)

Twitter Not Addressing Follow Glitch http://bit.ly/3EtUPm

Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues Tradition http://bit.ly/

From The Scene and Close To It: Immersion and Comment on Violence in China http://bit.ly/uYPQS

Huffington Post Establishes LobbyBlog To Expose Predatory Lobbyists and Their Recipients http://bit.ly/7PlB6

Write Some Letters for Sonia http://bit.ly/2cVH7X

Scientists and Society: A Mutual Isolation Issue http://bit.ly/18c1jY

Obama Falls Some In MN Popularity But Overwhelms Both Pawlenty and Palin http://bit.ly/1atOl8


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