Conservative Democrats Most Vulnerable If Health Reform Fails

Wonder if the Blue Dogs will listen?

What strikes me about them is that they are living in the past. But evidently they are not learning.

There are two scenarios.

The one noted in this article.

And the possibility that districts that tend to be conservative will flip red.

If health care fails because of Blue Dogs, a GOP resurgence might not materialize at all. Instead, things could move leftward and leave the GOP on its current downward trajectory and Blue Dogs officeless.

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One thought on “Conservative Democrats Most Vulnerable If Health Reform Fails

  1. A few people seem to be supporting the “blue dogs” What they dont seem to realise that if all health care was public,and that means global the research and development of drugs and advancements on all health issues would be available to all the people in the world.This could alleviate the suffering worldwide. It beggars belief that to get treatment you have to pay insurance companies,and increase the profits of drug companies. There should be a woldwide Health Service where the ability to pay is not the premium factor.peoples needs should be totally PARAMOUNT. .

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