Dobbs’ Ratings Take A Hit Over “Birther” Controversy

Lou Dobbs continues to exert power after having proved a facile apostle, not of conservatism but of know-nothing pre-fascism. Our nation is never entirely exempt from the possibility that know-nothings will achieve political sway.

When FOX turns itself into a laughing-stock because of its excesses, this is less dangerous than a channel like CNN countenancing a Lou Dobbs.

The fault lies clearly and inexorably with CNN.

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One thought on “Dobbs’ Ratings Take A Hit Over “Birther” Controversy

  1. stephencrose says:

    Frome MaeScott — a comment on this at HuffPo. Email them if you feel Dobbs should be removed.

    Jim.Walton@turner.com (Jim Walton is the president of CNN Worldwide)

    Susan.Grant@turner.com (Susan Grant is executive vice president of CNN News Services)

    Jon.Klein@turner.com (Jonathan Klein is president of CNN/US)

    Rena.Golden@turner.com (senior vice president and executive producer of CNN.com)

    David.Payne@turner.com (senior vice president and general manager of CNN.com)

    Mitch.Gelman@turner.com (senior vice president and senior executive producer of CNN.com)

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