Blue Dogs Delay, Water Down House Health Care Bill

It’s not over ’til its over.

Let’s see. The President has insisted on a public option. Who will win on that one?

He will. In one of two ways.

A bill with the public option in it passes. WIN

A bill with a public option fails because of Blue Dog votes and wingnut Republican opposition. WIN

The electorate will be intelligent enough to read the correct writing on the wall. Every Blue Dog who votes against the public option will face stiff opposition in 2010.

This is the President’s signature issue;. Over 70 percent of Americans agree.

Everything going on now is chess. The vote will be Checkmate Obama. Either way.


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Is Housing a Barometer for Economic Recovery?

Housing did not create the crisis. Metrosprawl. idolatry of oil and similar depth causes were in play. Sustaining the pattern of human settlements we have now, car dependent, is a recipe for continued recessions. Even the idea of not bouncing back completely solves nothing. The solution lies in thinking Christopher Alexander and collaborators did in Pattern Language. Communities of sufficient density to enable local, pedestrian commerce.

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Ouch! Recession, Part 11

Just posted another take on this. Fewer words. Somewhat different slant. Same ball park,


In sum — the problem remains pattern language and the failure to understand it. Translation: Ending driving everywhere, creating communities of sufficient density to enable a recalibration of commerce in pedestrian communities.
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Fear of A Double Dip Recession

This does not have to be long.

It was $4 gas that alerted folk to a Big Change. They held on to what was left of their money, had enough left when it went down, and now are spending again. (Except for those who got ruined.)

What do you think will happen when oil mkes its inevitable climb once again? Same thing.

Fact is, the need for major change is not realized sufficiently and we are going to pay.

Density of population is needed for a vibrant economy to flourish. Pattern Language produces this density with a max of three stories, by creating largely pedestrian settlements, by doing commerce locally and not a drive away.

It may be that folk will catch on. The enemies remain the car, the superhighway, the notion of endless oil and the willingness to grit teeth and accept the constraints of what passes for life in metrosprawl.

I think we are moving toward Diabetic Nation and that a macabre idea would be to start creating T shirts for obese children with the legend DIABETIC IN TRAINING.

The double dip recession should inform us — the next cigarette is not bottled water — it is diabetes. The cause is not walking.

The solution is pattern language, integral thinking, not being hoodwinked by superficial media and cultivating taste and discrimination as the due of every person, the prize we have lost by accepting the notion that everything must remain the same.

The solution is getting out there and creating communities of sufficcient density and diversity that work, commerce, entertainment, sports, religion, society and so forth can begin th flourish in the same general area.

Giving up driving everywhere is the first step to stopping a double dip recession. The second time could be more depressing than the first.

More on Pattern Language:

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Klein Puts CNN’s “Most Trusted” Brand at Risk

I’m for that. There are tons of folk like myself around who could together put a global news operation together in a week.

That would ask the right questions.

Pay good journalists.

Strip down reporting to basics.

Abolish talking heads.

Aggregate relevant graphic input.

Read news on camera at times — to debunk the notion that straight news won’t fly without a helicopter hovering and some ditzy voice offending your eardrums with uninformed “breaking news” commentary.

HuffPo could probably do it in a Beta Sort of Way. If it was 24/7 and tastefully done, with a real effort to avoid exactly what the cable channels do all the time, and fill the resulting void with a much wider definition of news than we have had for decades, life could be a lot better. Intelligence and the right questions instead of what depresses us with every turn of the dial.
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The “Bipartisan Compromise” Scam

I think the delay is a blessing in disguise.Health care is not an easy issue and only now is the general public becoming alert to the underlying issue — the need for a strong public option — and the liklihood that the Party of No is trying to submerge our President. This will play about as well as McCain did in his worst moments in the campaign. The public option will pass and if it does not we will have our agenda for 2010 along with our battle cry. And today’s Blue Dogs and Republican Malefactors will be history.

For more: https://stephencrose.wordpress.com [search health, care, reform, Obama, public option]
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Bill Mollison — An Annotated Look (Mildly Critical)

Bill Mollison is part of the group I want to help put to the fore as I calibrate this blog toward popularizing the crying need for an integral approach to creating human, pedestrian settlements to replace our noxious and unhealthy and expensive metrosprawl.

Bill’s Wikipedia Entry — long on links, short on text. I will try to remedy that some by going through and annotating  some of the links. The first thing I notice is no obvious reference to Christopher Alexander, a contemporary. But many minds, I am sure. have essentially similar thoughts — reason being no one’s exclusive property. I am not sure Alexander references Doxiadis.

Here are three Mollison links that I think are useful.

Interview With Bill Mollison Seeds of Change A longish text interview. I detect a stream of naivete in parts which diss folk who have no interest in creating a garden. This is sort of a revival of Frank Lloyd Wright’s false assumption that most suburbanites would develop green thumbs. The sustainable community will draw on practical ideas, of which he has plenty, but also on realistic assumptions about the division of labor and how integral communities can be made and related to one another and to the creation of what we need to sustain ourselves.

Permaculture A 60 Minute Video Well, we see aspects of global awakening but there is an interesting question. Though sustainability is seen as essential to avoid paving the entire world and screeching to a halt, there is also an impulse to progress and a reason for technology. So the solution will come from a sythesis, not the victory of one point of view over another or a process of conversion or even an assumption that there is never a time when there might be too many trees.

An Interview With Bill Mollison This brief interview contains everything one needs to both affirm and critique the thinking displayed. Self-reliance is a wonderful thing and eveyone should read Emerson and Pirsig and so forth. But to think we can develop a practical solution to global problems without recourse to politics is Wright-think — a universal garden in the backyard that ain’t gonna happen sort of thinking  Politics does not exist because we are good but because we are a spectrum from sublime to ridiculous, from self-reliance to slobbery and so forth.  And since the future builds willy nilly on the detritus of the past, we are looking both for doable models and incremental experiments. Mollison is part of a global movement that is working to create both.

I conclude that compared with Christopher Alexander, Bill Mollison is part of the answer that Alexander and his collaborators have moved toward.  But in relation to some of his assumptions, caveat emptor.