COMMENT ON: Cheney Still Manipulating People — Now In Public

Immediately after Barack Obama’s election, after working for him from Iowa on, I wrote that the nightmare is over. Now I realize it is not. The legacy of the Bush years lives on. We have an obligation to expose it to its evil core.

We need to show forcefully Bush’s role in stealing two presidential elections and leading the country to the very edge of ruin using 9/11, whose advent he ignored, as an excuse. If Hannah Arendt needed a poster child for the banality of evil, Bush is it.

We need to examine all of Cheney’s career. Was he always a danger to democracy? Did he always operate, when he had power, with impunity?

The key to a proper dealing with Bush and Cheney is our President.

He can only end the nightmare by leading the country — as Ike proposed — beyond the demonic hold of the military-industrial complex and the clandestine morality it encouraged. This means saying no to conventional war as an instrument of foreign policy and yes to a concept of proportionality that can operate in the future to deter any who attack us.

I believe Barack Obama’s greatest moments will come when he wills to tackle this biggest of all global conundrums. It is the problem which for a century has engaged the greatest minds of the world and led to their common acknowledgement that we must change.

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Moment of Truth In Afghanistan, Iran, Israel-Palestine, SE Asia, Africa, FSU

http://ow.ly/npFP Afghan War Needs New Strategy: US Commander McChrystal

I include many areas where the world faces huge challenges, including the former Soviet Union (FSU).

We make a mistake when we segment challenges. One boat rocks others. We may not be gaia but there is some truth to our interdependence.

In all these situations, violence is active or incipient. In all of them, there is no solution being proposed that promises an end to the prospect of more of the same.

To cite examples:

There is every possibility that Iran will remain firm in refusing to stop enriching uranium and this will activate Israel eventually. If that happens the US may not be far behind.

There is every chance that the civil violence (if that is not an oxymoron) in many areas of the FSU will continue and that worsening economic conditions there will exacerbate conflict. Again involving other nations including the US.

In Africa there are at least five situations in which any notion of rights and decent behavior is a pipe dream without international action that would involve the US.

In Asia, Burma and Sri Lanka are merely the most conspicuous examples of continuing repression. I have not even mentioned North Korea.

And in Afghanistan we have the head US military man suggesting that with more resolve and manpower we can succeed — a truth that is no more likely to hold than the belief that Iraq will be a stable and unified democracy over time.

No serious thinker following Nietzsche and living through the Holocaust believes that the world can permanently weather a continuation of the dynamics which gave rise to the cataclysmic wars of the 20th Century.

We cannot weather full economic breakdown and a global nuclear winter.

How then are we to proceed?

I see no way other than for our President to declare a global emergency and address the underlying issue of a global military-industrial complex and a reliance on force that is fueled by governments still operating with 20th century notions that the sword is the instrument of peace and justice.

President Obama needs to declare a restructuring of the moral apparatus of the world. Realpolitik must be seen as the politics of negotiation and peace. Religion must be seen as the proximate capacity to dream, not as a license to kill. Economies must be made to create sustainable communities, not fortress societies.

Only the leadership of courageous persons can accomplish the movement needed today. Specifically, in Afghanistan we need to understand that there cannot be a military victory, period. In the future the only real victories will be those of aroused peoples who insist that the ways of war be permanently shelved. This will mean more movements like those in Iran following the most recent elections.

The President needs to stand at the helm of a global civil rights movement. He needs to show that realism is not inconsistent with this. He needs to hark back to Eisenhower and identify the military-industrial complex as the true enemy of civilization.

This is a moment of truth. This is not one person’s belief. It is the stance of all who have lived under the lash of the global war machine. We must reject the leadership of those for whom belief in force has overcome belief in themselves.

The moment of truth is a reappropriation of who we are and of our inherent possibilities.


Vicky Reggie Kennedy — One Last Major Task

Kennedy’s Closest Confidante, in Politics and Life http://ow.ly/nkeT (This profile is excellent and opens a window to a temp. appt.)

As the excellent NYTimes profile notes (at the link above), Vicky Reggie Kennedy is a progressive soldier. I cannot believe she will not be offered and take the interim appointment that will enable her to cast the votes Teddy would have cast before a special election — months away — fills the post for the remainder of Teddy’s term.

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Updating My Twitter Philosophy

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Nothing stays the same on the Web. This update, at the address above, shows how to integrate about five or six elements to effectively build build a Twitter community and ensure that your blogs are promoted using Twitter updates.


COMMENT ON: Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

There was a brief moment when he entered the 2008 campaign that I thought this man might have what the late Joseph Welch called decency in the Army-McCarthy hearings. It is worth rereading that famous exchange.


I have little doubt that what has turned Huckabee from a person with at least a shred of decency into someone whose decency quota is, at least today, zero, is the atmosphere and ethos of the organization that now pays his salary.

Welch finished McCarthy with this exchange. I hope this linkage will at least give Huckabee pause and stimulate some open penitence in the form of a public apology.
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