Does Anyone Agree it is David Plouffe Time?

I said it after the election. David Plouffe should run the DNC and use the model of the Obama campaign to win the agenda battles.

No dice. The DNC has been lackluster and I am being charitable.

I reiterated the need for David Plouffe to take the command of Organizing for America.

No dice. I cannot believe that David Plouffe would not do anything the President wanted him to do. So please do not say there were reasons.

Now I ask for a third time, when errors are creeping into Democratic strategy, will the President have David Plouffe become the field commander of the healthcare struggle.

Here’s what needs solving.

1. The current message sucks. I am using Plouffe language. The health care issue is complex and we still do not have the message we need to speak to the people we need to win.

2. Leadership is diffuse when it needs to be clear and obvious. No one is running this. That is terrible.

3. We are talking out of both sides of our mouths. We are cozying with the pharmas and saying we will not dock you more than the 80 billion you have offered. And we are casting this as an insurance battle. It is, but the contradiction needs explaining.

4. David Plouffe was as important to the success of this movement as the President was. They are the two sides we need to be whole in the struggle.

This can be solved with a phone call. I would put David in charge of the DNC and turn the DNC into OFA and let everyone yell and scream because they know this is a willing strategy. Failing that I would make him the leader of the August Health Care push.


7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Agree it is David Plouffe Time?

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  2. stephencrose says:

    I much appreciate this. It is exactly what I would like to feel and believe. I am sure you see things from a more informed perspective than I do. Best, S

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