Teddy Will Get A Replacement in Time For Health Care Vote

Looks Like Teddy Replacement Wlll Get Done ASAP (As he wished) http://ow.ly/lx24

Unless hell and high water are ranged against Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Legislature, there will be a replacement for Teddy Kennedy on the Senate floor when the key votes on health care — Teddy’s signature issue — are taken.

Since the drill involves a person who would not likely be a future candidate for the Kennedy seat, which would be decided in a forthcoming special election, there is some chance that the appointment will have deep symbolic significance. No name comes immediately to mind, although it is possible that Vicky Kennedy, the Senator’s popular widow, might fill the bill.

I imagine the Legislature will act post haste to rescind a law that was passed to prevent Mitt Romney from appointing a Republican successor in the event that Kerry was elected President — which, as we now know, was more than likely had Bush and Company not used terror as a scare tactic weeks before the contest was decided.


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